Children and Young People’s therapy

Children and young people can meet new challenges regarding independence, decision making, social media self discovery, stress, bullying, sexuality, gender identity, attachment issues, abuse, neurodiversity, loss and bereavement or mental health issues. Therapy can help support them through these issues and explore safe ways of exploring and overcoming problems. They gather useful tools to use in stressful situations and learn to feel empowered and strong, to deal with the next stressful life event that comes along.

Some children benefit from play therapy which is a form of counselling that helps with social, emotional and behavioural challenges. Children can struggle to express their feelings and experiences because they don’t have the same vocabulary, understanding or maturity than that of adults. They are however able to express themselves and emotionally regulate through their language, which is play.

I often use creative therapy to look deeper at what the problems you are facing. I work with various art based activities in a safe and fun environment.These include sand tray, journalling, drawing and painting, mood cards, working with clay, letter writing and music.

(creative therapy can be used with adults too).

£50 for a £55 minute session